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We practice Functional Medicine which addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. It is an upstream approach to healthcare by finding the root cause of your illness.  We identify genetic predispositions and help the individual mitigate the gene expression through healthy nutriition and lifestyles.

We take an Individualized upstream approach to treating chronic illness.

At Radiant Health & Wellness, we believe in the uniqueness of all individuals.  Functional Medicine is an individualized, patient-centered, evidence-based approach to healthcare that looks beyond symptom resolution to identify why illness occurs and address those root causes to restore health. While conventional medicine focuses on using medication to reduce symptoms, Functional Medicine empowers patients and practitioners to work together to resolve the complex underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness through lifestyle and dietary change.


We provide the necessary education and support for a healthy lifestyle.  Utilizing specialized labs, we can identify areas of dysfunction that normal labs cannot identify.  This unique strategy allows us to help your body function optimally so you can have sustainable results and radiant health.

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    Systematic Approach

    At Radiant Health & Wellness, we first spend 90 minutes collecting a very detailed history. We then suggest the proper labs to identify a dysfucntion that is on the way to disease but that can still be slowed, halted, or reversed. For instance, lab markers that show elevated blood sugar and inflammation, allow you to reverse the march towards diabetes. Our approach includes five key areas: nutrition, fitness, gut health, detoxification, and adrenal/hormone balance, so nothing is missed. Our practitioner dedicates many hours every week preparing for cases and reading the latest scientific research to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

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    We empower you to have lifelong sustainable results by offering a well-rounded education based on a combination of understanding where your body needs support & the emerging science of functional medicine. You need not wade through the endless internet trying to figure it all out yourself. We provide a comprehensive lifestyle education plan that will help you achieve optimal health.

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    We provide the support you need throughout your health journey to weave clinical interventions with sustainable lifestyle changes so your body can begin to heal. We will support you in incorporating lifestyle changes into your daily routines empowering you to become an active and engaged participant in your overall health and wellbeing. We all need a little help sometimes. Whether it’s motivation, accountability, or even another set of eyes to point out what you are doing great and where your efforts can be optimized to create better first-time results, we are here for you.

Explore the eye-opening world of upstream healthcare

Functional medicine is an individualized root cause medicine approach to healthcare. These practitioners consider factors like diet, genetics, hormonal changes, and other lifestyle components as potential causes and treatments for patients' diseases.

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